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snakers4 (Alexander), July 08, 2018

Yet another proxy - shadowsocks

If someone needs another proxy guide, someone with an Arabic username shared some alternative advice for proxy configuration

- (wait a bit till link resolves)



Playing with a simple SOCKS5 proxy server on Digital Ocean and Ubuntu 16

This article tells you how to start your SOCKS5 proxy with zero to little experience Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), June 23, 2018

Interesting links about Internet

- Ben Evans' digest -

- China plans to track cars -

- Ben Evans - content is not king anymore - distribution / eco-system are

- Google opens AI center in Ghana -

- (RU) A funny case on censorship in Russia - funny article deleted from habr -

-- It kind of clearly shows that you cannot safely post anything to habr

- India + WhatsApp + lynch mobs -

- Tor foundation about web-tracking and Facebook -

- Docker image jacking for crypto-mining -

- Ethereum - 75% transactions automated bots -

- (RU) - analyzing fake elections in Russia - 3-10M votes are fake -


2018 DS/ML digest 12

As usual, this is whatever I found really interesting / worth reading.

Implementations / papers / ideas


You can count bees well with UNet -


A really super cool idea - use affine transformations in 3D to stack augmentations on the level of transformation matrices

(3D augs are costly)


- both for rotation and scaling

- note a couple of things for easier understanding:

-- there is offset in tranformations - because the coordinate center is not in "center"

-- zoom essentially scales unit vectors after applying the offset

- 3Blue1Brown videos about linear algebra -


A top solution from Google's Landmark Challenge -


- ensemble of features / skip connections from a CNN (ResNeXt)


- use KNN + augment the extracted features by averaging with similar images

- query expansion (use the fact that different crops of the same landmark remain the same landmark)


(RU) A super cool series about interestring clustering algorithms

- Affinity propagation




- (spoiler - in practice use awesome HDBSCAN library)


Brief review of image super-resolution techniques


- In a nutshell try in this order FCN CNNs, auto-encoders with skip connections or GANs


SOTA NLP by open-ai

Key ideas

- Train a transformer language models on large corpus in an unsupervised way

- Fine-tune on a smaller task

- Profit


- "Our approach requires an expensive pre-training step - 1 month on 8 GPUs" (probably this should be discounted somewhat)

- TF and unreadable enterprise code


One more claimed SOTA word embedding set


A cool github page by Sebastian Ruder to track major NLP tasks



Amazing visual explanations of how decision trees work


- it explains visually how overfitting occurs in decisions tree models


CIFAR T-SNE can be done in real-time on the GPU + tensorflow.js integration

- Blog

- Website

- Arxiv -

- Demo -

(2) Why people fail to use d3.js -


(0) Nice idea - use available tools and videos to collect datasets




snakers4 (Alexander), June 05, 2018

A very useful combination in tmux

You can resize your panes via pressing

- first ctrl+b

- hold ctrl

- press arrow keys several time holding ctrl


- profit



Digest about Internet

(0) Ben Evans Internet digest -

(1) GitHub purchased by Microsoft -

-- If you want to migrate - there are guides already -

(2) And a post on how Microsoft kind of ruined Skype -

-- focus on b2b

--lack of focus, constant redesigns, faltering service

(3) No drop in FB usage after its controversies -

(4) Facebook allegedly employes 1200 moderators for Germany -

(5) Looks like many Linux networking tools have been outdated for years



snakers4 (Alexander), May 15, 2018

Internet / tech

- Google I/O news

- MS to give custom voice option to its apps -

- Katzenberg (former Disney executive) raises US$800m to make YouTube like short series - => Internet + Video is a commodity now?

- _Reportedly_ Lyft has 35% market share in the USA

- Google becoming evil and doing military contracts - - wtf?

- Apple autonomous drive fleet is _repotedly_ now at 55


The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018

Here’s the most important news to know.

snakers4 (Alexander), May 10, 2018


Interesting links about Internet

(0) Ben Evans

Russia / CIS

(0) Telegram has a new proxy setting in alpha, though no proper stand-alone solutions are published

(1) Western media now cover Telegram

Global / tech

(0) Xiaomi to file for an IPO - US$10 - US$100bn

(1) Yet another drag and drop ML that will (m?) fail - - this is so American

(2) Now all "major" apps heavily feature "stories" as main mobile format -

Yet another reason to quit all social media and just use professional apps / messaging

Add up all this bs => this is the reason normal people do not use social media for real now

(3) Tesla most shorted tech company now - xD


(0) YouTube - 1.8bn users with 1+ login

(1) WhatsApp m70bn messages per day (vs. 20bn max with SMS)



snakers4 (Alexander), April 24, 2018

Internet digest

(0) Ben Evans -

ML / industry

(1) FB to design its own FPGAs / ML chips - ?

(2) Google willing to replicate iMessage, again

-- No mention of Telegram - but all Google's attempts are aeons behind Telegram

-- Google willing to go the hardest route - a standard enforced on the carrier + replace the messenging app

-- All of the previous attempts kind of did not work

(3) Facebook media backlash -

(4) Who makes LIDARs -

(5) Tesla over automation -


(1) British Telecom to switch to VOIP -

(2) Flickr purchased -


Facebook has a new job posting calling for chip designers

Facebook has posted a job opening looking for an expert in ASIC and FPGA, two custom silicon designs that companies can gear toward specific use cases — particularly in machine learning and artific…

snakers4 (Alexander), April 20, 2018

A note on CDNs and protecting your website against censorship



- Using a free / cheap CDN service can enable you to protect your domain hosted resource from censorship

- Unless CDN servers will be blocked (but I guess the CDN has more servers, than you, right?)

So, I host on Digital Ocean. And I do not want to move or start a CDN by myself. I read news, that Google abandoned some of its proxying tools because of such censorship events...interesting.

I knew that services like Cloudflare (**CDN**) forward your traffic somehow, but I was not sure what IP is actually seen by the user and whether all of the traffic is forwarded. Then I read their FAQ


It says

After a visitor's browser has done the initial DNS lookup, it begins making requests to retrieve the actual content of a website. These requests are directed to the IP address that was returned from the DNS lookup. Before Cloudflare, that address would have been With Cloudflare as the authoritative nameserver, the new address is Cloudflare’s data center at will serve as much of your website as it can from its local storage, and ask your web server at for any part of your website it doesn’t already have stored locally. The Cloudflare data center at will then provide your complete website to the visitor, so the visitor never talks directly to your web server at

So I tried their free-tier service (paid service starts from US$20-200, which is too steep) and it just works, though SSL certificates were issued ~90 mins after I changed my nameservers. It is as easy as:

- Backup your DNS settings somewhere

- Import to CloudFlare

- Change name servers in your domain registrar cabinet

- 90 mins and ... profit

Now I cannot see my direct DO server IP when I resolve my DNS:

$ dig +short



snakers4 (Alexander), April 14, 2018

Out post is live on Russian reddit - geektimes


Please support if you have a valid account!


snakers4 (Alexander), April 13, 2018

So, I just found out that Firefox rendering engine was rewritten, now it boasts the fastest speeds and support for ... socks5 proxies, both on mobile and desktop.



Also projects like orbot+orfox help in more extreme cases.



Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily. - FelisCatus/SwitchyOmega

snakers4 (Alexander), April 13, 2018

So, usually I try to stay away from such controversial topics, but I have to address and elephant in the room. You all know, that originally I am from Russia and I have quite liberal world views.

Seeing that many people start to ride the hype and advertising some expensive "solutions", this is why today I decided to do a post about creating your own SOCK5 proxy server via a droplet on Digital Ocean:

- Post - - note that unlike my other posts - this one is a step-by-step explanation;

- It explains how to create your own SOCK5 proxy-server using Ubuntu and Digital Ocean with dante;

- The cheapest digital ocean droplet is US$5 per month (you can find such droplets for as low as US$2-3 with inferior service);

- If you use my referral link - you will get US$10 for free -

- Also you can create credentials for your friends and family;

Also note, that foreseeing this s**t - I created aliases for our telegram channel

- In twitter

- In the web


UX is not so great, but it works more or less. Please tell me what you think. I know that the majority of readers are Russians and we have quite a negative mentality, but this is one of the cases when you have to share this message and my post as much as possible. We will be doing an adapted post on as well.

And I know that there are free proxy lists. But if you create a simple service today - tomorrow you can add layers to it (see some hints in the article) and not rely on other people.

If you like what I shared - please support our channel (see a pinned message)




Playing with a simple SOCKS5 proxy server on Digital Ocean and Ubuntu 16

This article tells you how to start your SOCKS5 proxy with zero to little experience Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), April 07, 2018

Internet digest

- Ben Evans -

- About autonomous cars - - autonomy will vary based on the route / conditions / situation / use case

- FB delays its speaker -

- Foxconn buys Belking

- Amazon music > 10m subs -

- The Economist about ML in business -

- Apple to make its own chips -



snakers4 (Alexander), March 30, 2018

Internet digest

- Chrome OS on tablets -

- Facial recognition in China - - 1984

- Ikea + AR manual -

- stats -

- Digital content forgery and ML -

- On Facebook tracking your SMS and calls




Google debuts Chrome OS tablets to take on the iPad in education

Ahead of Apple’s education-focused event tomorrow where a new affordable iPad is expected, Google this morning announced the first Chrome OS tablet. The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a new form f…

snakers4 (Alexander), March 15, 2018

New stack overflow survey 2018


Key fact - global and USA Data Scientist salary

- Global


Interesting facts

- Countries -

- How people learn -

- Git dominates version control -

- PyTorch is in the top of most loved frameworks

- Connected stacks of technologies -

- Most popular languages and tools -

- Most popular frameworks - (PyTorch =) )

- Most popular databases -

- Attitude to rivalry -


snakers4 (Alexander), March 13, 2018

Internet digest

(1) Ben Evans -


(1) Waymo launching pilot for the self-driving trucks -

(2) Netflix to spend US$8bn on ~700 shows in 2018 - (sic!)

(3) Intel vs Qualcomm and Broadcomm - + Inter considering to buy Broadcomm -

(4) Amazon buys ring -

(5) Latest darkmarket bust - Hansa - - it was not busted at once, but put under surveillance

- As with Silk Road - all started with the officials finding a server and making a copy of hard drive

- This time - it was a dev server

- It contained ... owners' IRC accounts and some personal info

Internet + ML

(1) Netflix uses ML to generate thumbnails for its shows automatically -

- Features collected: manual annotation, meta-data, object detection, brightness, colour, face detection, blur, motion detection, actors, mature content



Also also

(1) Dropbox -

(2) And Spotify

filed for IPOs


snakers4 (Alexander), February 20, 2018

Internet Digest

- Ben Evans -

- Flipboard (orly) launches ads -

- Google sold 3.9 million Pixel phones in 2017 -

- Looks like smartbuses may be cool. App => bus route information => route gap => launch cosy bus with music and social features - (I doubt this is a business though)

- About the importance of decentralization - next Internet will be a set of cryptonetwork protocols -

- How London is responding to technological innovation

(1) Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) or driverless (2) cars won't be on the road until the 2030s at least and could add to congestion

(3) Dockless cycle schemes need to be able to operate across London to be effective

(4) There is no control system in place for drones and droids

(5) TfL is monitoring technological developments but this needs to be embedded across the whole organisation

- Nice info graphics about city dwellers daily routes on pages 7-10 -



snakers4 (Alexander), February 13, 2018

Internet digest

- Ben Evans -

- FB tried to buy Snapchat 2 times - for US$60m and US$3b -

- Allegedly some ML can achieve 85% diabetes prediction accuracy on apple watch sensor data -

- Cars may embrace 48 volts instead of 12 volts -

- Google reabsorbs Nest (read between the lines - it was successful) -

- Snap +70% revenue growth -

- 7 of 8 USA top grocers participate in Instacart -

- Siri APIs are fragmented lol -

- Uber agreed to provide Waymo, the self-driving car unit under Google’s parent company, Alphabet, with 0.34 percent of its stock -



snakers4 (Alexander), February 07, 2018

Internet digest

- Ben Evans -

- Ben Evans about smart home hype -

- Google closing Google Fiber -

- Amazon tracks warehouse slackers with wristbands -

- Apple music overtaking Spotify -

- Why people like infinite scroll

- Netflix personalizes artwork -

- Self-driving trucks => morel local trucking jobs



snakers4 (Alexander), January 31, 2018

Internet digest

- Ben Evans -

- RNNs + band names -

- Soldiers + fitness trackers = military bases -

- Google's new unit - security and ML -

- Apple produces TV content -

- Some bs rumours about Telegram ICO size -

- Twitter is plagued by bot-farms -

-- Easy to detect via similar registration dates -

- Podcast about financial innovations in the US -



Jeremy Fiance

recurrent neural network, trained on band names, generates fake @Coachella lineup - reminding us most band names are gibberish

snakers4 (Alexander), January 30, 2018

This is just EPIC



И так сойдёт… или как данные 14 миллионов россиян оказались у меня в руках

Одиноким вечером, глядя на свою пустую зачётку и осознавая, что конец близок, я снова задумался о том, как бы мне сейчас собрать сумку, или даже просто рюкзак, п...

snakers4 (Alexander), January 25, 2018

When looking at WorldBank, WEF and some consulting company reports and white-papers I always wondered if anybody reads them.

Here is a possible answer - No

They do not understand that making content more reachable and SEO-friendly helps long-term. But SEO-friendly websites are usually full of bullshit.


snakers4 (Alexander), January 23, 2018

Internet Digest

- Ben Evans -

- Youtube tightening moderation screws for small channels -

- Camera strapped to plane -

- Guardian online getting profitable -

- Amazon testing a shop wo cashiers - you just take goods and walk out -

- Drone saving a drowning person -


- А это отлично зайдет русским ко-ко-ко разрабам и культуре "обсирания всего", которая царит в нашем IT -



snakers4 (Alexander), January 17, 2018

Internet digest

- Ben Evans -

- New post about chain effects in retail / TV / technology -

- 39M smart speakers in the US

- US$1bn ticketing IPO in China -

Social Media

- FB updates its news feed algorithm to promote content you are more likely to interact with


- Magnetic disks work after 30 years -

- Self-driving cars being DEPLOYED for SECOND time for one district with retired people -



snakers4 (Alexander), January 17, 2018

TF speech competition ended.


In my opinion it was a very interesting domain, but on day one it was apparent that there is a public repo with 87% accuracy. So I guess 90% is a decent improvement, but judging by team sizes - it is just stacking. Also in such competitions there is no chance in winning money. Also also - this was just blatant TF marketing.

New competitions


-- This year it sucks - small prizes, small data, will be just stacking 100 Unets =( Last year I was too unexperienced to participate =(

- - Intel Movidius competition. It also sucks - because you have to use only limited types of hardware and software. Basically this is a marketing campaign



TensorFlow Speech Recognition Challenge

Can you build an algorithm that understands simple speech commands?

Digital Ocean just improved their tariffs (more storage and RAM) - best modern VDS provider.

Transferring your application literally takes 2 minutes



snakers4 (Alexander), January 15, 2018

Amazing spoofers

- looks like they scrape domains periodically

- looks like they know basic domain registration timelines

- I chose to protect my whois information => they scrape websites for emails



snakers4 (Alexander), January 08, 2018

Some anti-hype predictions about dates of some achievable new applications of technology



snakers4 (Alexander), January 03, 2018

An awesome CLI based STATIC open-source website template for your blog


It's static - no miracles here.


Content Organization

Hugo assumes that the same structure that works to organize your source content is used to organize the rendered site.

snakers4 (Alexander), December 22, 2017

Оффтоп, но как бы про такое лучше рассказать максимально большому числу людей. Пошлите всем своим друзьям, чтобы не было мучительно обидно.

Не секрет, что "сытые" годы привели к тому, что вероятность встретить на улице "гоп-стоп", бандитов, алкашей и отморозков упала. Но не будучи лохом, и продавая товары на Авито по мелочи очень давно (все остальные сайты полное говно, несмотря на абсолютную мерзопакостность алгоритмов Авито и их бизнес-модели, но это отдельная история) - я начал видеть активных жуликов только примерно год назад, как раз аккурат после начала валютного кризиса. Капитан очевидность также подсказывает, что это неспроста.

Вот 3 бизнес-модели жуликов, с которыми я столкнулся (они по-своему гениальны):

1. Если товар "дорогой" (я продавал картонную кровать из Икеи), то вам пишет СМС реальный человек (или робот с телефона, который также читает человек), упоминая цену и ваше имя в СМС. Потом он звонит (из другого региона кстати) и предлагает перевести предоплату на вашу карту. (Еще кстати звонки на его телефон как-то странно тарифицируются...) Вроде пока ок. Он спрашивает банк и говорит, что ему надо подумать. В реальности он пробивает по своей базе какая дырка в безопасности есть в таком банке. Потом он перезванивает и просит номер карты и говорит, что мол готов сейчас скинуть деньги и приехать вечером. Как бы номер карты это не криминал, но потом он просит код из СМС. Антракт. При очевидных попытках потроллить - вы сразу попадаете в бан на звонки. Дозвониться можно через скайп - и троллинг милицией вызывает бурю веселого мата в ответ - как минимум развлечение. На следующий день - телефон уже недоступен и через скайп.

2. Вам приходит такая СМС с указанием, что вам перевели деньги. Логично - 2017 год на дворе и все говно-сервисы по идее должны сделать escrow - но никто нормальный в России естественно этим пользоваться не будет. Пройдя по ссылке - вы видите это - Сломанный CSS и какая-то пародия на домен и админку. Топорно. Обратите внимание, что имя и цена заказа были спарсены в базу жуликов.

3. Приходит СМС - С именем и суммой. Потом пройдя по ссылке вы видите такой сайт - Причем андроид сразу подсказывает вам в чем фишка. Домен уже лучше подделали - не сразу отличить от субдомена.

А теперь самое классное:

1 Если вы пойдете в милицию - то с высокой степенью вероятности вам откажут в помощи за отсутствием состава преступления, если вы не повелись. Это как потерять биткоины - не преступление;

2 Парсинг, база, говно-домены и динамический сайт с простейшим АПИ, тупые психологические трюки - все до боли гениально и просто;

3 Если у вас "продвинутый" банк - авторизация по СМС, регистрация по номеру телефона с СМС на старый номер и прочее - то вас ждет приятный сюрприз. Плюс иногда даже по номеру карты + CVV на иностранных сайтах можно что-то купить. А учитывая такие эпизоды - - 3 цифры подбираются брутфорсом по идее;


snakers4 (Alexander), December 11, 2017

Размышления Бена Эванса про эволюцию технологий


Просто и офигенно


Presentation: Ten Year Futures

This autumn I gave the keynote at Andreessen Horowitz's annual 'Tech Summit' conference, talking about the state of tech and what's likely to happen in the next decade: mobile, Google / Apple / Facebook / Amazon, innovation, machine learning, autonomous cars, mixed reality and crypto-currencies.

snakers4 (Alexander), December 11, 2017

Интересное в мире интернета:

Безумный мир

- Супер тонкий тролль вывел свой сарай в топ ресторанов trip advisor в Лондоне-

- 52 безумных факта в 2017 году -

Интернет, IT

- Ben Evans -

- Apple скорее всего покупает shazam -

- Инстаграм тестирует мессенджер -

- Guardian выходит на точку безубыточности -

- Гугл запускает с пяток India first продуктов - поиск, оптимизации ОС, телефон, платежную систему -

- Как работают бизнес процессы модерации в крупных компаниях -


- Аналог интернет камеры за 20-30 баксов -

- Adoption новых айфонов - внезапно очень быстро растет -



I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor

And then served customers Iceland ready meals on its opening night.

snakers4 (Alexander), December 05, 2017

Интересное в мире интернета

- Ben Evans -

- Чуваки которые хотели отсудить Фейсбук имеют US$1bn в битках -

- Цены на Li-ion батареи продолжают падать линейно -

- Cydia закрывается - - Apple победил. В ведерке вы можете ставить внешние говно-приложения на свой страх и риск просто нажав галку в меню. Про извращения, которые вы можете сделать подключившись со своего телефона к нему же в консоли вообще молчу

- Tunnel vision в Твиттере - - полярные мнения не пересекаются. Это разные миры. Еще один повод не участвовать в политике и тупых срачах

- В Кении к интернету доступ есть у 53% людей, 99% с мобилки -

- Cringe и маразм западного мира - Facebook for kids - . Бред состоит в том, что буквально 50 лет в некоторых штатах назад даже в США дети рассматривались как бесплатная рабочая сила (а что семьи большие, пусть работают). А сейчас прививается этот маразм, что детство "нельзя трогать". Особенно это смешно, вспоминая школьные классы которые состояли от 5% до 50% из гопников (чем дальше тем их было меньше)

- Инфографика про посылки через интернет - Китай растет и уже на 2 месте после США -

- Автономные машины могут помочь бедным -

- Кто в танке - рост битка и его сравнение с другими активами -

- Uber занимался ... слежкой за людьми лол -

- Журналистота, но по гео-координатам можно находить факт наличия серийных убийц -

- Как дети юзают интернет -



Winklevoss Twins Used Facebook Payout to Become Bitcoin Billionaires

In just four years.

older first