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snakers4 (Alexander), January 05, 04:35

Decided to invest some time into Andrew Ng new courses in a view only mode to search for high level ideas (doing NNs from scratch became boring when we did it in Octave)

- First two or three courses are just plain old Octave course but in Python, which is great for beginners

- 4th course is about ML strategy. Watched it, it's very short


-- - videos and presentations

-- key ideas

--- use human

--- treat time as the most precious commodity

--- divide metric into optimizing metrics and satisficing (i.e. good enough) metrics

--- always compare to plain humans / board of experts as a baseline to see if you need a bigger model / or less overfitting

--- always have train / validation (dev) / and delayed test sets

--- always think about practical implications

- 5th course is about modern ML (YOLO, sequence modelling) - worth checking out if you are not familiar. Not sure about assignments though



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