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snakers4 (Alexander), January 12, 03:58

Interesting datasets from Kaggle

Predict breast cancer from slide images

High quality academic dataset of 26k images of 41 fruits

Gorgeous illustration of different network algorithms

Crowd-sourced translation of parallel sentence pairs

5 years of hourly weather data for 36 cities



Breast Histopathology Images

IDC vs non-IDC classification

snakers4 (Alexander), January 02, 04:01

Interesting dataset with room layouts (a lot of them)




Pillow-SIMD is a Pillow fork, that claims 3-6x faster performance on CPU using same resources



It claims to be this easy

$ pip uninstall pillow

$ CC="cc -mavx2" pip install -U --force-reinstall pillow-simd



pillow-simd - The friendly PIL fork


Ускорение операций в 2.5 раза по сравнению с Pillow и в 10 по сравнению с ImageMagick Pillow-SIMD — это «форк-последователь» библиотеки работы с изображениями...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 30, 06:50

Современный dataset для image object detection