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snakers4 (Alexander), November 10, 10:30

Playing with Transformer

TLDR - use only pre-trained.

On classification tasks performed the same as classic models.

On seq2seq - much worse time / memory wise. Inference is faster though.


snakers4 (Alexander), November 09, 13:48

Fast-text trained on a random mix of Russian Wikipedia / Taiga / Common Crawl

On our benchmarks was marginally better than fast-text trained on Araneum from Rusvectors.

Download link


Standard params - (3,6) n-grams + vector dimensionality is 300.


import fastText as ft

ft_model_big = ft.load_model('model')And then just refer to


snakers4 (Alexander), November 06, 13:45

DS/ML digest 28

Google open sources pre-trained BERT ... with 102 languages ...




2018 DS/ML digest 28

2018 DS/ML digest 28 Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), November 06, 12:38

A small saga about keeping GPUs cool

(1) 1-2 GPUs with blower fans (or turbo fans) in a full tower

-- idle 40-45C

-- full load - 80-85C

(2) 3-4 GPUs with blower fans (or turbo fans) in a full tower

-- idle - 45-55C

-- full load - 85-95С

Also with 3-4+ GPUs your room starts to heat up significantly + even without full fan speed / overclocking the sound is not very pleasant.


(0) Add a corrugated air duct to dump heat outside minus 3-5C under load;

(1) Add a high-pressure fan to blow between the GPUs minus 3-5C under load;

(2) Place the tower on the balcony minus 3-5C under load;

In the end it is possible to achieve <75C under full load on 4 or even 6 GPUs.


snakers4 (Alexander), November 05, 14:59

Forwarded from Just links:

DropBlock: A regularization method for convolutional networks

Forwarded from Just links:


Implementation of DropBlock in Pytorch. Contribute to Randl/DropBlock-pytorch development by creating an account on GitHub.

snakers4 (Alexander), November 03, 10:04

Also reposts on additional platforms

- Habr -

Please support us if you have an account.

Building client routing / semantic search at

Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at TLDR This is a very short executive summary (or a teaser) about...

snakers4 (Alexander), November 03, 09:40

Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at

A brief executive summary about what we achieved at

If you have similar experience or have anything similar to share - please do not hesitate to contact me.

Also we are planning to extend this article into a small series, if it gains momentum. So please like / share the article if you like it.




Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at

Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), October 30, 08:04

Forwarded from Админим с Буквой:

Google запускает reCaptcha v3


Introducing reCAPTCHA v3
reCAPTCHA v3 is a new version that detects abusive traffic on your website without user friction. It returns a score for each request you send to reCAPTCHA a...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 27, 17:58

This AI Learned How To Generate Human Appearance
Pick up cool perks on our Patreon page: › The paper "A Variational U-Net for Conditional Appearance and Shape Generat...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 27, 10:16

Canonical one-hot encoding one-liner in PyTorch

Or 2 liner, whatever)

# src - is the input tensor (batch,indexes)

trg_oh = torch.FloatTensor(src.size(0), src.size(1), self.tgt_vocab).zero_().to(self.device)

trg_oh.scatter_(2, trg, 1)#deep_learning

snakers4 (Alexander), October 26, 12:31

A sticker pack for our channel / group

We decided to draw a sticker pack for our telegram channel / group with @birdborn

Please help select the best stickers!

Please vote here:


С каких стикеров начать?

Выбираем топ стикеров, с которым начнем рисовать!

snakers4 (Alexander), October 24, 09:11

Concurrent Spatial and Channel Squeeze &amp; Excitation in Fully Convolutional Networks

- Essentially attention for semseg model - channel-wise attention, spatial and mixed attention

- Paper

- Implementation


snakers4 (Alexander), October 23, 07:04

Do you read digests?

anonymous poll

Yes – 37

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 61%

Love them – 12

👍👍 20%

No – 11

👍👍 18%

I have an idea how to improve them (PM me) – 1

▫️ 2%

👥 61 people voted so far.

snakers4 (Alexander), October 23, 06:28

DS/ML digest 27

NLP in the focus again!

Also your humble servant learned how to do proper NMT =)




2018 DS/ML digest 27

2018 DS/ML digest 27 Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), October 22, 11:26

In case of github failure

They have a blog with current statuses

snakers4 (Alexander), October 22, 05:43

Amazing articles about image hashing

Also a python library

- Library

- Articles:




A Python Perceptual Image Hashing Module. Contribute to JohannesBuchner/imagehash development by creating an account on GitHub.

Text iterators in PyTorch

Looks like PyTorch has some handy data-processing / loading tools for text models -

It is explained here - - how to use them with pack_padded_sequence and pad_packed_sequence to boost PyTorch NLP models substantially.



snakers4 (Alexander), October 19, 18:34

Detecting Faces (Viola Jones Algorithm) - Computerphile
Deep learning is used for everything these days, but this face detection algorithm is so neat its still in use today. Dr Mike Pound on the Viola/Jones algori...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 17, 14:41

Forwarded from Sava Kalbachou:

François Chollet

Here is the same dynamic RNN implemented in 4 different frameworks (TensorFlow/Keras, MXNet/Gluon, Chainer, PyTorch). Can you tell which is which?

I guess PyTorch is in the bottom left corner, but realistically the author of this snippet did a lot of import A as B

snakers4 (Alexander), October 16, 05:15

Google's super resolution zoom

Finally Google made something interesting

Super Res Zoom

snakers4 (Alexander), October 16, 03:47

Mixed precision distributed training ImageNet example in PyTorch



A PyTorch Extension: Tools for easy mixed precision and distributed training in Pytorch - NVIDIA/apex

snakers4 (Alexander), October 15, 17:11

Looks like mixed precision training ... is solved in PyTorch

Lol - and I could not find it



A PyTorch Extension: Tools for easy mixed precision and distributed training in Pytorch - NVIDIA/apex

snakers4 (Alexander), October 15, 16:56

An Open source alternative to Mendeley

Looks like that Zotero is also cross-platform, and open-source

Also you can import the whole Mendeley library with 1 button push:


kb:mendeley import [Zotero Documentation]

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.

PyTorch developer conference part 1
Sessions on Applied Research in Industry & Developer Education. Talks from @karpathy (@Tesla), @ctnzr (@nvidia), @ftzo (Pyro/@UberEng), @MarkNeumannnn (@alle...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 15, 09:33

DS/ML digest 26

More interesting NLP papers / material ...




2018 DS/ML digest 26

2018 DS/ML digest 26 Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), October 12, 19:11

This AI Senses Humans Through Walls
Pick up cool perks on our Patreon page: › Crypto and PayPal links are available below. Thank you very much for your g...

snakers4 (Alexander), October 10, 18:31

Another set of links for common crawl for NLP

Looks like we were not the first, ofc.

Below are some projects dedicated to NLP corpus retrieval on scale:

- Java + license detection + boilerplate removal:$dkpro-c4corpus-doc/doclinks/1/

- Prepared deduplicated CC text archives

- Google group!topic/common-crawl/6F-yXsC35xM



Downloading 200GB files in literally hours

(1) Order 500 Mbit/s Internet connection from your ISP

(2) Use aria2 - with -x

(3) Profit


snakers4 (Alexander), October 08, 10:11

A small continuation of the crawling saga

2 takes on the Common Crawl

It turned out to be a bit tougher than expected

But doable


Parsing Common Crawl in 4 plain scripts in python

Parsing Common Crawl in 4 plain scripts in python Статьи автора - Блог -

snakers4 (Alexander), October 08, 06:04

Going from millions of points of data to billions on a single machine

In my experience pandas works fine with tables up to 50-100m rows.

Ofc plain indexing/caching (i.e. pre-process all of your data in chunks and index it somehow) and / or clever map/reduce like style optimizations work.

But sometimes it is just good to know that such things exist:

- for large data-frames + some nice visualizations;

- for large visualizations;

- Also you can use Dask for these purposes I guess;


Python3 nvidia driver bindings in glances

They used to have only python2 ones.

If you update your drivers and glances, you will get a nice GPU memory / load indicator within glances.

So convenient.


snakers4 (Alexander), October 08, 05:38

Wiki graph database

Just found out that Wikipedia also provides this



May be useful for research in future.

Seems very theoretic and probably works only for English, but it is best to keep such things on the radar.

Example queries:

People who were born in Berlin before 1900

German musicians with German and English descriptions

Musicians who were born in Berlin



snakers4 (Alexander), October 06, 13:04

PCIE risers that REALLY WORK for DL

Thermaltake TT Premium PCIE 3.0 extender.

All the others I tried were crap.


snakers4 (Alexander), October 06, 07:24

Monkey patching a PyTorch model

Well, ideally you should not do this.

But sometimes you just need to quickly test something and amend your model on the fly.

This helps:

import torch

import functools

def rsetattr(obj, attr, val):

pre, _, post = attr.rpartition('.')

return setattr(rgetattr(obj, pre) if pre else obj, post, val)

def rgetattr(obj, attr, *args):

def _getattr(obj, attr):

return getattr(obj, attr, *args)

return functools.reduce(_getattr, [obj] + attr.split('.'))

for module in model.named_modules():

old_module_path = module[0]

old_module_object = module[1]

# replace an old object with the new one

# copy some settings and its state

if isinstance(old_module_object,torch.nn.SomeClass):

new_module = SomeOtherClass(old_module_object.some_settings,




The above code essentially does the same as:

model = some_other_block