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March 30, 07:00

Полезно, если вы играетесь с нейросетями и у вас дома уже есть сервер с видеокартой.

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- Команда для консоли для установки (читать с долей скепсиса и сравнивать со своим уже текущим конфигом)

- Сравнение GPU

Making your own server

I am working on a project that aims to solve home inventory evaluations (that is to say what is your stuff worth helping with filing homeowners insurance claims, estate planning, etc.) in part with a neural net. Taking the initiative, a colleague and I are going to build our own servers since AWS has been a real stumbling block. My coworker (assuming this is the same buddy you refer to in the previous sentence? If so, carry whatever language you initially use to describe him to be consistent)...