July 16, 12:53

Full IDE in a browser?


You all know all the pros and cons of:

- IDEs (PyCharm);

- Advanced text editors (Atom, Sublime Text);

- Interactive environments (notebook / lab, Atom + Hydrogen);

I personally dislike local IDEs - not because connecting to a remote / remote kernel / remote interpreter is a bit of a chore. Setting up is easy, but always thinking about what is synced and what is not - is just pain. Also when your daily driver machine is on Windows, using Linux subsystem all the time with Windows paths is just pain. (Also I diskile bulky interfaces, but this is just a habit and it depends).

But what if I told you there is a third option? =)

If you work as a team on a remote machine / set of machines?

TLDR - you can run a modern web "IDE" (it is something between Atom and real IDE - less bulky, but less functions) in a browser.

Now you can just run it with one command.


- It is open source (though shipped as a part of some enterprise packages like Eclipse Che);

- Pre-built images available;

- It is extendible - new modules get released - you can build yourself or just find a build;

- It has extensive linting, python language server (just a standard library though);

- It has full text search ... kind of;

- Follow definition in your code;

- Docstrings and auto-complete work for your modules and standard library (not for you packages);

Looks cool af!

If they ship a build with a remote python kernel, then it will be a perfect option for teams!

I hope it will not follow a path taken by another crowd favourite similar web editor (it was purhcased by Amazon).


- Website;

- Pre-built apps for python;

- Language server they are using;


Theia - Cloud and Desktop IDE

Theia is an open-source cloud   desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript.

If you know how to add your python kernel to Theia - please ping me)