January 04, 04:08

Linux subsystem in Windows 10

It works and installs in literally 2 clicks (run one command in Powershell and then just one-click install your Linux distro of choice in Windows Store (yes, this very funny indeed))!

Why would you need this?

To make and backup files on one command for example =)

Something like this becomes reality on Windows:

cd /mnt/d/ && \
TIME=`date +%b-%d-%y` && \
FILENAME=working_files_tar-$TIME.tar.gz && \
INCREMENTAL_FILE=backup_data.snar && \
echo 'Using folderlist' $FOLDERS && \
tar -czg $(<folders_backup.txt) --listed-incremental=$INCREMENTAL_FILE --verbose -f $FILENAME

Also, you may add rsync or scp and you are good to go!

Also other potential use cases:

- You are somehow vendor locked (I depend on proprietary drivers for my thunderbolt port to attach an external GPU) or just are used to Windows' windows (or are just lazy to install Linux);

- You need one particular Linux program or you need to quickly test something / do not want to bother replicating your environment under Windows (yes, you can also run Docker, but there will be some learning curve);

- You run all of your programs remotely, and use your Windows machine as a thin client, but sometimes you need git / bash / rsync - i.e. to download movies from your personal NAS;