May 21, 2018

2018 DS/ML digest 11

Cool thing this week

(0) ML vs. compute stidy since 2012 - chart / link


(0) Once again about Google Duplex

(1) Google announcements from Google IO

-- Email autocomplete

We encode the subject and previous email by averaging the word embeddings in each field. We then join those averaged embeddings, and feed them to the target sequence RNN-LM at every decoding step, as the model diagram below shows.

-- Learning Semantic Textual Similarity from Conversations blog, paper. Something in the lines of Sentence2Vec, but for conversations, self-supervised, uses attention and embedding averaging

-- Google Clips device + interesting moment estimation on the device. Looks like MobileNet distillation into a small network with some linear models on top

Libraries / tools / papers

(0) SaaS NLP annotation tool

(1) CNNs allegedly can reconstruct low light images? Blog, paper, Looks cool AF

(2) Cool thing to try in a new project - postgres restful API wrapper - such things require a lot of care though, but can elimininate a lot of useless work for small projects.

For my blog I had to write a simple business tier layer myself. I doubt that I could use this w/o overengineering because I constructed open-graph tags for example in SQL queries for example

Job / job market

(0) (RU) Realistic IT immigration story


(0) Last week open images dataset was updated. I downloaded the small one for the sake of images. Though the download process itself is a bit murky




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