February 13, 2018

Interesting hack from n01z3 from ODS

For getting that extra 1%

Snapshot Ensembles / Multi-checkpoint TTA:

- goo.gl/f5D2ER

- Train CNN with LR decay until convergence, use SGD or Adam

- Use cyclic LR starting to train the network from the best checkpoint, train for several epochs

- Collect checkpoints with the best loss and use them for ensembles / TTA


Google TPUs are released in beta..US$200 per day?

No thank you! Also looks like only TF is supported so far.

Combined with rumours, sounds impractical.

- goo.gl/UDkE8B


Cloud TPU machine learning accelerators now available in beta

By John Barrus, Product Manager for Cloud TPUs, Google Cloud and Zak Stone, Product Manager for TensorFlow and Cloud TPUs, Google Brain Team...