January 17, 2018

TF speech competition ended.

- www.kaggle.com/c/tensorflow-speech-recognition-challenge/leaderboard

In my opinion it was a very interesting domain, but on day one it was apparent that there is a public repo with 87% accuracy. So I guess 90% is a decent improvement, but judging by team sizes - it is just stacking. Also in such competitions there is no chance in winning money. Also also - this was just blatant TF marketing.

New competitions

- www.kaggle.com/c/data-science-bowl-2018

-- This year it sucks - small prizes, small data, will be just stacking 100 Unets =( Last year I was too unexperienced to participate =(

- goo.gl/qXPUoG - Intel Movidius competition. It also sucks - because you have to use only limited types of hardware and software. Basically this is a marketing campaign



TensorFlow Speech Recognition Challenge

Can you build an algorithm that understands simple speech commands?

Digital Ocean just improved their tariffs (more storage and RAM) - best modern VDS provider.

Transferring your application literally takes 2 minutes

- goo.gl/AtVLns