January 03, 2018

During the last competition my teammate found a nice paper in Jeremy Howard's tweet.

DS/ML/CV specialists in the USA like Twitter for some reason. In Russia / CIS Twitter is not used (at first vk.com was better and now telegram is better) and I have always considered it to be a service like Snapchat (i.e. useless hype generator) but with roots in SMS era (their stock and dwindling user base agree).

But this post - goo.gl/y3DXWH - changed my mind (twitter accounts of the brightest minds from NIPs).

So I decided to monitor their tweets ... and I guess twitter does not send you emails on every new tweet so that you would use their app. Notifications about new tweets are limited either to API or push notifications or SMS - which is hell (+1 garbage app on the phone - no thank you).

So today we decided to write and share a small python class that would use Twitter API to send you emails

- code github.com/nurtdinovadf/tweetsender

- how it looks in Gmail - prntscr.com/hvldt7

Please feel free to use it, share it, star it and comment. Many thanks.



Get tweets of particular users into your gmail inbox without using twitter app - nurtdinovadf/tweetsender